About us

Industrial pipeline and plant construction

irb-rohrco is a medium-sized company with its registered office in Bremen.  The company was established in 1984 under the name IRB Industrie-Rohrleitungsbau GmbH in Magstadt.

The registered office of the company has been in Bremen since 1999.  For over 25 years, irb-rohrco has been successfully involved in industrial pipeline construction.  We are a company that carries out pipeline and plant construction work throughout Germany.

irb-rohrco has proven itself in the most diverse sectors of industry and maintains offices in Sindelfingen, Rastatt, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter and Kassel.

irb-rohrco has a well trained team of motivated employees, who are able to handle demanding technical projects at home and abroad.  This includes the prefabrication of units, such as pumping stations and skids as well as the setting up and completion of total systems.