Environmental protection systems

Wet waste facilities – Food residues (wet waste) as valuable refuse

Food residues and organic waste are an important source of raw materials and the most valuable biological waste by far. 
According to the statutory regulations, this recyclable waste must be sent for reprocessing.

A wet waste disposal system consists of the following components:
• Plant control
• Grease trap
• Feeder stations
• Vacuum pump
• Shredder
• Compressor
• Pipelines
• Wet refuse tank with tanker connection

irb-rohrco offers the delivery and assembly of disposal systems that have been manufactured in-house. Our systems operate without connections to the water supply and sewerage system and fulfil the statutory requirements.


Hydroelectric power plants and services for water technology

Supply and assembly of subsystems, extensions and completely new systems of stainless steel or C steel with specially coated pipelines and components.

Where the building of waterworks is concerned, choice of the most suitable material as well as the manufacturing quality is of decisive importance. Through the use of special coatings, prefabrication of the piping system as such is favoured. irb-rohrco has repeatedly demonstrated compliance with the associated demands.