Daimler AG – Delivery and fitment of 3 heat recovery systems

In the past, when producing cold water, the arising waste heat was supplied
unused to an open cold water system.

With the aid of the system designed by us, the thermal energy in the cooling water is now
utilized for preheating the outside air in the ventilation systems in the relevant buildings.

Technical data:
Thermal capacity:  9,000 kW
Inlet temperature primary:  32°C
Return temperature primary:  25°C
Operating pressure primary:  0.0 to 1.5 bar
Inlet temperature secondary:  30°C
Return temperature secondary:  15°C
Operating pressure secondary:  4.5 to 8.0 bar

A total of 2,200 m of piping was laid in nominal widths of DN 15 - 300.

Material St.37.8I / P235GH


Daimler AG – Piping media

Compressed air, cooling water and hydraulic installations for a project in the Rastatt works.

To distribute the media in the cells, the piping system was mainly laid in metal ducts.

Extent of order:
• Compressed air installation 6 bar; in C-steel pipe of the Mapress system
• Maintenance units for the compressed air supply
• Cooling water installation with stainless steel pipes of the Mapress system
• Hydraulic installation, operating pressure 160 bar P dia. 38 x 4, T dia. 42 x 3

The piping was laid at heights of up to 8 metres.


Volkswagen AG – Supply of media for the new press line GRS 500

Delivery, assembly of piping, fittings, fixtures and accessories for the supply of media Infrastructure
of the GRS line 500 in the Wolfsburg works

The media supply consists of:
• Compressed air supply DN 250 with compressed air filter stations
• Cooling water supply with heat exchanger station and automatic replenishment
• Operating water supply DN 250 of stainless steel with backwash filter
• Instrumentation

Assembly took place without interrupting the production process and the pipes were mainly laid in pressed ducts.

Extent of order:
• 1,500 m Black steel pipe DN15-300
• 200 m Galvanized steel pipe DN15-150
• 600 m Stainless steel pipe DN15-300
• 300 m Stainless steel press fitting system DN15-DN100
• 900 PE pipe and fittings DN50-DN300


Volkswagen AG – Reorganization of 4 crankshaft production lines EA 28

The project consisted of delivery, assembly and conversion work on supply and disposal lines, including fittings
and accessories for the reorganization of 4 crankshaft production lines in the Salzgitter works.

The media listed below were taken into account:
Compressed air, potable water, cold water, technical heat, cooling water as well as oil and emulsion pipes.

Extent of order:
• 2,000 m Black steel pipe DN 15-500
• 1,800 m Stainless steel pipe DN 15-100
• 800 m Stainless steel press fitting system DN15-DN100
• Fixtures such as filtration systems, pumps and fittings